Between 11 and 17 March 2018, MFLF delegation led by CEO M.L. Dispanadda Diskul participated in the 61st Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND61) in Vienna as part of the Thai delegation.

MFLF co-hosted 2 side events and spoke at one UNODC side event: 1. Development Oriented Drug Policies: The Future of Alternative Development, organized by the governments of Thailand and Germany, UNODC, GIZ, and MFLF; 2. Exchange beyond borders: trilateral cooperation on Alternative Development between Thailand, Colombia and Germany, organized by the Governments of Colombia, Germany and Thailand, and MFLF; 3. The Security-Development Nexus: Exploring Alternative Development and the Need For a Conductive Environment, organized by the Government of Afghanistan and UNODC.

The MFLF was also invited to join the Thai government at 6 bilateral meetings with Colombia, Peru, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, and Indonesia.

The MFL will now prepare for the Expert Group Meeting end of July 2018 in Vienna, when experts on AD and people from the field will be invited to share experiences in order to move forward on AD.

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