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SiBomonde Films on Survival, Sufficiency, and Sustainability


After a couple of visits to the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage’s (MFLF) project sites in Northern Thailand, film crews from SiBomonde, a private TV producer in Europe, have completed the two documentaries on “Thailand’s Sustainable Development” and “Water and Life”.

Survival, sufficiency, and sustainability are the three phases that lead to Sustainable Development as defined by the Doi Tung Development Project (DTDP). Thus, the episode on “Thailand’s Sustainable Development” portrays the DTDP, which is currently in its third phase, the sustainability stage of SD. Whereas the Nan Project having surpassed the survival phase is currently forming its sufficiency through economic crops and small-scale factories. Lastly, the Thailand-Myanmar Cooperation on Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Development is presently overcoming the survival phase through health, education, and livelihood development.

The “Water and Life” episode portrays the life-changing impact solely through improving and placing importance on water management in Nan province of Thailand. Moreover, this episode shows that proper water management does not require an extraneous fund or take advantage of other available natural resources.

MFLF’s success story is being shown in 85 countries across the world in French and English.

Follow these links to the documentaries:

Thailand’s Sustainable Development

Water and Life

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