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Tuesday, 25 November 2014 15:10

The Fundamental Training Program of “The Mae Fah Luang Development Practitioner”

The Fundamental Training Program of “The Mae Fah Luang Development Practitioner” is the basic curriculum for disseminating the knowledge and best practices regarding the Mae Fah Luang development approach, along with the technical knowledge on irrigation management, forest, and agriculture as well as communication skills with the local community. The training program not only allows all practitioners to identify the real problems and needs of the community, but allows them to plan for the development that emphasize on local empowerment and and achieve the MFL measurement: “What do the people get?”



By following the people-centric approach for four decades, the MFLF has successfully operated the Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Development in many outreaches, both nationally and internationally. The MFLF has never stopped developing the knowledge regarding the sustainable development which is proven that it helps tackle the poverty and improve the quality of life. While the development approach itself can be measured and applicable elsewhere, the MFLF has then become the successful role model that disseminates such knowledge, according to the Princess Mother’s approach or “The Mae Fah Luang Development”, to create “change agents” – the practitioners from various organizations and sectors of the society. The ultimate goals of this training program are not only to expand the SALD approach to the general public, but also to address the social inequality while narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. Apart from that, all attended practitioners can improve their personality and adjust the attitude for being the true giver while learning how to sacrifice and to work for the society wholeheartedly.


Curriculum Details

The training program will be taken for 33 days and can be separated into 6 parts as follows:

1. Learning the principles and adjusting attitudes

2. Preparing oneself before working in the area

3. Surveying the area and learning the technical knowledge

4. Assessing the community’s needs and potentials

5. Interim Test: solving real problems of the area

6. Final Test: planning development project for the new area.




Voice from the(pictures)

The first Fundamental Training Program of “The Mae Fah Luang Development Practitioners”

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