Cultivating people through the Faidee youth camps

Wednesday, 17 April 2013 10:14

Doi Tung these days might be recognized by many as developed area where no further development is required. Although it is true that infrastructure, health care services and other necessities are readily available for the locals; drug trafficking remains a serious problem along the Thai-Myanmar border. Therefore, it can be said that the challenges for Doi Tung now are less about welfare and living conditions, but more about building strong-minded youth who do not easily fall for drugs, materialism and consumerism.

Therefore, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation under Royal Patronage has worked alongside the Subdistrict Administrative Organization (SAO) and local Educational Association to initiate “Fai Dee Youth Camps”. The camp allows the local youths to learn history of their origin, recognize value of present existence and realize the communities’ as well as their own path to the future. Moreover, the camp aims to foster them good value and awareness; for example, saving, self-actualization, sufficient living and imbalance effects of their actions on environment and society. At the end, the ultimate goal of the camp is  to cultivate qualified local youths who are talented, responsible and strong enough to cope with unstable environment in the future.

Learning Processes

Local youth experienced the history of Her Royal Highness the late Princess Mother.

Local youth experienced the history of Her Royal Highness the late Princess Mother.


 Economic forest, a living learning class.Economic forest, a living learning class.

A lesson from one brother to another A lesson from one brother to another 

“Learning by doing”, the youths gave information on Doitung coffee to tourists.




“Learning by doing”, the youths gave information on Doitung coffee to tourists.




The youths had the opportunity to learn good value from the people who were recognized as the model for their society; for instance, Her Royal Highness the late Princess Mother, the elders, senior relatives and senior youths who are working at the Doi Tung Development Project, as well as exchange ideas with the people who share the same goal of inheriting the development of their community.

  1. Activities and exercises that enhance daily life skills; for example, listening skill, observation skill and asking constructive and right-to-the-point questions were thoughtfully designed for the participating youth along with other activities that are in line with professional training at their school to pave the way for their career in the future.
  2. Learning by doing approach was the key to this camp. The youth were always encouraged to dirty their hands in the field classroom through many exciting group activities. As a result, their visionary was widened and good relationship was built among them.
  3. The youth are able to utilize their potential to develop themselves and their community by practicing their thinking process, communication skill and creative expression.

The outcome

The Mae Fah Luang Foundation has succeeded in operating the 1st and 2nd Faidee Youth Camp, and will proceed further for the 3rd camp in May, 2013. Every Faidee Youth Camps have the same objective, but the theme and activities of each camp, which can be regarded as the learning tools, are varied.


Knowledge Topics


Number of the youth participants (person)


Doi Tung Junior Photographer

20-23 Jan 2012



Doi Tung Junior Tour Guide

2-4 Nov 2012



Hall of Opium’s Youth against Drugs

1-4 May 2013


Not only did the target youth gain advantages from their participation in the camps, but the people and teachers working at the Doi Tung Development Project also benefited from sharing experience and exchanging development knowledge. The Faidee Youth Camps have provided great opportunity for the local youths in the age of 14 - 16, who live in the Doi Tung Development Project area, to learn and actually practice their skills through many interesting and lively activities, all of which are the learning tools to inspire, motivate and stimulate them to realize the value and many great deeds that already lying profoundly within the way of life of their community and the area. Moreover, they were urged to think about their own future as well as the future of their community, which highly reflected from their words:



“When I joined the camp, I knew more about Doi Tung and understood myself much better; especially in term of what I would like to be. It was just like what the seniors said, “no one knows you better than you.” Even though the time I had at the camp was just a few days, it was very meaningful to me.”


 Saowaros Saimool, Wattampla Wittayakom School

“Being a tour guide is my dream but I have never thought I could reach it. Many surrounding factors quietly faded the dream and  people  were looking down on me. However, when the camp began, I know that my dream could become real in the future.”

Kotchakorn Saeyao, Bann Huay Rai Samukkee School


“The advantages from the camp are the “love” from seniors and friends who all have different characters  and came from various communities. “New friendship” was built; especially the “chance” to do new things which I have never thought I could do before.”

Sudarat Namyee, Bann Huay Rai Samukkee School



  • 16 junior photographers from the 1st camp have worked together to pass on the story of Doi Tung Royal Villa through their photo work pieces in “Mongbanpedandao Book”

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  • Regarding the 2nd camp, building a complete Doi Tung Junior Tour Guides is a work in process among the youth.

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