The Mae Fah Luang Foundation prides ourselves on being a ‘living university’, offering lessons on Sustainable Alternative Livelihood Development (SALD). We aspire to spread the Princess Mother’s guiding principles, our development best practices and lessons learned.

Since 1988, the Mae Fah Luang development approach has established a strong foundation in various fields such as rural development, social entrepreneurship, minority rights, sustainable design, etc.

Each year, we welcome eight to nine hundred study groups—regardless of professions, age, or nationality—to Doi Tung and its campuses. Our students include heads of nation, the public and private sectors, development practitioners, academia, university students, and villagers interested in learning about the model. The visitors have an opportunity to learn in a field classroom, and immerse themselves with the local people in villages. They gain hands-on experience and learn tacit knowledge directly from “local scholars”—practitioners who have walked the walk, and villagers who are a primary beneficiary. As a learning organization, our curriculum places an emphasis on “two-way learning”; not only the visitors learn from us, but also we learn from and alongside them. We also offer capacity-building programs in many areas, ranging from healthcare, water management, agriculture, husbandry, and handicrafts.

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