Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ)

Mae Fah Luang Foundation sees the importance of linking and advocating the Thai Alternative Development principles and sustainable development model in forums on criminal justice and rule of law as well as those on narcotic drugs in response to the current global drug issues that affect the economy and society in various dimensions. Mae Fah Luang Foundation representatives joined the Thai government delegation in the 28th CCPCJ in Vienna, Austria, on 20-24 May 2019, and joined the speakers’ panel in the side session on “Fostering a Culture of Lawfulness in Support of the 2030 Agenda” organised by the

Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ). Doi Tung Development Model was raised as a case study to emphasise the importance of empowering the community and creating a culture of regulations that would promote the rule of law and a sustainable solution to crime and drug problems.