Basic Information

Time frame

2013 – 2017


250,000 rai (40,000 hectares)

21 villages in 4 subdistricts, 3 districts namely Tha Wang Pha, Song Khwae and Chalerm Prakiet, Nan Province


1,723 households; 7,392 people


This project was scaled up from the Integrated Rural Livelihood Development Model Project for Nan Province based on Royal Initiative (2009-2011). When MFLF and partner organizations achieved a certain level of success in addressing issues of poverty and hunger, the next step was to promote reforestation through the balanced utilization of land and resources in the river basin to allow a sustainable coexistence between man and forest.

This became a national model project on forest management in the north of Thailand whereby watershed forests are designated conservation forests, economic forests are planted, as well as utility forests for foraging and residential areas. When villagers have a sense of ownership, they will help to protect the forests and use them in a sustainable manner.

What do the people get?