Basic Information

Time Frame

2006 – present


Pang Mahan and Puna villages, Thoet Thai Subdistrict, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province

Area: 46,739 rai (7478 hectares)


621 households; 3,489 people


Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn requested that MFLF collaborate with the Chaipattana Foundation to conduct research into tea oil trees, a high-yield crop, in the villages of Pang Mahan and Puna, Mae Fah Luang District.

The local villagers would tend the trees to create a knowledge center and lay the foundation for a long-term livelihood while protecting the ecological system in the country’s northern forests. The project applied the “Natural Tree Regeneration” method to allow nature to heal itself, and developed an irrigation system, promoted agriculture and basic livestock to achieve food stability and a sustainable coexistence between man and forest.

What do the people get?

Average annual household income increased from

59,860 baht


212,728 baht

(US$6819) within 13 years.
Since 2011, the 629,991 tea oil trees have generated an income of

133,380,000 baht

(US$427,5550) from tending the plots, and

11,665,825 บาท

(US$373,953) from the sale of tea oil products.