Basic Information

Time frame

2005 – 2009


Pang Mahan Village, Thoet Thai Subdistrict, Mae Fah Luang District, Chiang Rai Province

Area: 14,015 rai (2,242 hectares)


7,639 people


This reforestation project in a sensitive border area suffering from poverty and drug issues was replicated from Doi Tung model’s “Cultivate Land, Cultivate People” concept to directly address the issues.

This was done using the “Assisted Tree Regeneration” method in which only species indigenous to the area are planted, and does not require cutting down trees to plant seedlings as before. It also led to food security and helped restore watershed forests that would improve the villagers’ quality of life and make them self-sufficient and sustainable, do they would not revert back to forest encroachment.

What do the people get?

Average annual household income increased from

18,611 baht


106,382 baht

within 6 years
From the start of the project until today, there has been no wild fire, which is a testament to the success of the forest conservation awareness campaign.