Basic Information

Time frame

2009 – 2011


250,000 rai (40,000 hectares)


1,723 households; 7,392 people


Prior to this, 250,000 rai (40,000 hectares) of land along the Nan River was suffering from severe forest degradation. MFLF together with the Royal Initiative Discovery Foundation (RIDF) initiated the model project in Nan Province, in partnership with government and private sectors and local communities, to address problems of forest encroachment, monoculture, chemical fertilizers and natural disasters.

The key was to improve soil fertility and introduce terraced rice fields to regain forest cover and increase yield for farmers.

What do the people get?

The enhancement of soil fertility and irrigation system increased fertile land from

2,121 rai

(339 hectares)

5,901 rai

(944 hectares)
within three years.
Rice harvests increased from

868,920 kg per year


2,821,880 kg per year

within three years, with enough for local consumption and a surplus for sale, earning an income of 26,911,200 baht (US$862,650).
Vegetable plots, post-harvest crops and livestock earned an additional income of

30,670,998 baht

helping to partially clear outstanding debts.

52 local development volunteers

were trained to support development work within their own communities and other areas.