Basic Information


2018 – 2025


Naungtayar Subtownship, Pinlaung District, Shan State, and Tachileik District, Shan State

Area: Naungtayar 289,935 rai (46,389 hectares); Tachileik 106,810 rai (17,089 hectares)


Naungtayar 26,953 people; Tachileik 7,462 people


This project was scaled up from original project in Tachileik and Mong Hsat districts implemented from 2013-2017, with the main goal being to continue addressing rampant drug issues as well as trafficking in the area, through alternative legitimate livelihood options. MFLF began with basic amenities such as irrigation systems, improving rice yields to provide food security, training for veterinary staff, setting up livestock medicine funds, and the promotion of Napier grass cultivation as animal feed.

This would allow villagers to survive and improve their quality of The next step was to promote alternative livelihoods suited to the geo-social environment such as maize cultivation as animal feed, coffee and tea cultivation.

What do the people get?


of villagers in the project area
benefited from the irrigation system that gave them year-round access to water for general use and additional post-harvest crops.
Villagers gained access to clean water, reducing water expenses by

139,680 baht

The cultivation of maize as animal feed is promoted in conjunction with Charoen Pokphand Produce Co Ltd, increasing profit margins for farmers by

457,710 baht

Tea processing techniques helped to increase the value of tea leaves by


and could be shared with other tea farmers.
The duck and chicken fund increased household assets by

227,250 baht

Cost of labor for this project amounted to

813,667 baht

for local workers.