Description of Responsibilities


Pre-project implementation preparations

  • contribute to designing and supervising baseline surveys,
  • prepare project concepts and work plans in consultation with senior management and a multi-disciplinary team,

Management of programme implementation

  • provide all the necessary support to the field operational team in order to accomplish programme objectives on time, within budget, and according to professional standards,
  • monitor and evaluate programme activities to ensure that the agreed workplan and outcomes are realized,

Coordination of the programme

  • work with an internal working team of specialists to implement the programme,
  • coordinate with multi-sectoral and multi-level stakeholders, including central government agencies, local authorities, and grassroots communities, to realize the success of the programme,

Reporting and presentation of programme progress and outcomes

  • act as focal point for all relevant information about the programme and its progress for  dissemination in the forms of presentations, concept papers, reports and press releases,
  • prepare and submit regular progress reports on the programme to donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders,


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